Citizen Science Award 2023 - Participate and Win!

City Layers has been selected to be a part of the Citizen Science Award 2023! 

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF), the Austrian Agency for Education and Internationalization (ÖAD) invites schools and pupils, as well as people of all ages to participate in the Citizen Science Award. The most dedicated citizen scientists (participants) will receive cash and non-cash prizes, which will be awarded at a ceremony during the 2nd Young-Science Congress on October 19, 2023. 


Participate from April 15th to July 31st! 

As part of the Citizen Science Award, dedicated citizen scientists can actively participate in the City Layers project and contribute crucial data towards shaping the future of our cities! The Citizen Science Award aims to inspire all citizens regardless of age, to engage in research and innovation and actively participate in research projects. Therefore, families can also participate and win, in addition to school classes and individuals. 

Citizensengagement is rewarded: participating school classes can win up to 1,000 Euro and individuals and families will receive valuable non-cash prizes. 


A. How to participate? 

Using the City Layers Web-App on smartphones, tablets and such, it is possible to rate and capture the key features of any urban space of choice, including accessibility, noise, safety, aesthetics, weather resistance and amenities. Citizen scientists can use the City Layers Web-App to capture all relevant features of their surroundings, as well as thoughts on their improvement, using tags, comments, photos, sliders, suggestions, and votes. No download or installation of an app is necessary! Register HERE


B. Prizes and awards 

School classes can look forward to cash prizes for their class funds: 

1st place: 1,000 Euro 

2nd place: 750 Euro 

3rd place: 500 Euro 

Non-cash prizes provided by the Technische Universität Wien and our project partners will be awarded to individuals and families. The school classes and citizen scientists with the highest number of valuable contributions to the City Layers Web-App will be awarded. 


C. What happens with the contributions of citizen scientists? 

City Layers Web-App prioritises data anonimity and does not collect any personal data. The contributions of citizen scientists will be made accessible online as a form of commons for active use by citizens and city planners. The collected data will enable a basis for better dialogue on future urban interventions between the citizens and city-planners. The public will be fully informed about the intention of publication and prior consent will be sought and documented.  


Additional information on the Citizen Science Award